THE CaliMotion

The future of LARP is NOW!

Close your eyes and imagine a universe where game becomes a reality in which all players can be interconnected. Within this universe, objects are interconnected and can play sounds and special effects either on command or triggered by specific events. Imagine that this new reality is directed by its community, an “open-source” where everyone can participate, program, add sounds and effects and share them with the entire world.

CaliMotion, imagination come true!

What is Calimotion?

What is Calimotion?

CaliMotion technology can be integrated to all sorts of equipment and devices, each personalizable and having their own unique behavior. The cloud-based architecture allows each user to personalize and interconnect their CaliMotion compatible devices with one simple Web interface. The possibilities are endless.

The CaliMotion platform is designed for future adaptation and exponential growth. In its current state, it represents a solid foundation upon which we can build. It already has a few functionalities but very little of its potential is exploited.

This platform is built in an internet cloud to which CaliMotion users connect their devices via Wi-Fi. Once linked, devices can be managed from a distance, either from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. No wires necessary! CaliMotion devices are all compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Simply connect to the CaliMotion platform to manage your devices and their behavior.

You can link a full set of CaliMotion armor, torches and even an animated chest, or fight with your friends and their friends all at the same time! More devices, more fun!
We will continue to enhance the online platform to offer different apps. Games, training programs, and more are on the menu for the near future.

LED Saber

After extensive development, we are proud to launch the revolutionary CaliMotion AI compatible Led saber.
Our intention to integrate electronics into our foam weapons started all the way back in 2012. We hoped to create a game where refereeing would no longer be a challenge. We quickly changed that initial goal into a mage duel in which combat aimed to recognize the staff’s movements rather than detecting contact.
The LED saber is our very first product with CaliMotion 6.6 technology already integrated. It is designed for combat. Each component has been miniaturized to fit and designed for handling, precision and choc resistance as well as security. We created the LED saber in collaboration with our community for several years to reach the following result:

The movement detection algorithms can read the LED saber movements in real time and create sound effects like oscillations and shock noises from the the speaker situated in the handle. The CaliMotion technology also gives you the possibility to update your device’s micro-software live, which allows you to quickly activate games, training modes and more in the future.

The LED saber configuration is available from your mobile device (iOS and Android) as well as directly from your web browser on Windows-PC, Mac or Linux. You can entirely personalize the Saber’s light color schemes, sound effects, vibrations and intensity of saber clashes. Independent developers can participate, create and exchange games and apps with the community via our SDK and our API.

Manage the volume or entirely switch up the sounds played by your saber. Simply download a WAV file from the community or from your personal library to the CaliMotion platform.

We have integrated a 5000mAh Li-ION that can be switched out within less than 30 seconds and that can be charged via USB-C (up to 2A). Depending on light brightness and usage, it can last from 2 to 6 hours. A power-saver mode is already available within the settings interface and we have programmed a “deep sleep” mode, allowing the LED saber to be switched off for days without emptying the EnergyCore. It can later be turned back on with the simple click of a button.

Can connect directly to the CaliMotion Universe apps via Wi-Fi / BLE. Configure and interconnect your devices from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Even the vibration effects can be personalized and they synchronize with our shock detection and apps. For instance, they can be used as retro-action in a training app when a specific movement is successfully performed. More specifically, if, for instance, you are learning in your living room, your LED saber can interact with you directly with a specific vibration that indicates you got the movement you were practicing right.

The LED saber can be used directly with a smartphone via our mobile app. No need for cables because your LED saber connects to the app via Bluetooth for quick and easy configuration.

Powerful double LED strip with 192 35mA LEDs that emit about 6 lumens apiece (white setting at maximum) for a total of over 1000 lumens. You can entirely customize your LED saber’s color and light motifs via the app available online and anywhere you buy your apps. In this way, you choose exactly the color and the effects of your saber. The only limit is your imagination. Be unique!

Our LED saber is designed to endure duels and resist shocks. The electronic components are protected by a sleeve of the same lightweight aluminum used in aircraft manufacturing. We then place a robust polycarbonate blade, reinforced by the X-wing design, inside. The injection molded polymer handle is designed for good grip and ultimate comfort. To all this, we add our adapted foam protection to make fighting safer and more accessible, even for children.

Entirely customizable

Customizable colors and brightness

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