Meet the team behind Calimotion

Patrick Lessard


An engineer by training, Patrick is the founder of CaliMotion and Calimacil. His passion for the LARP universe led him to create both companies with a similar goal: to make LARPing as immersive and realistic as possible so that everyone can live and feel the legend.

François Bélanger

Chief Electronic Designer

Director of the LED Saber project, François works on all technical aspects of the CaliMotion device. His devotion to the project dates back to the very first LED Saber, launched via Kickstarter in 2015. François is in charge of all the software related to the project.

Manuel Brisson

Programming Engineer

Pioneer of the LED Saber project, Manuel created and refined the algorithm for detecting hits and contact. He is a specialist in artificial intelligence linked to movement. He began working in collaboration with Calimacil in 2015 with the intent of creating technological advances in the service of LARPing.

Emmanuel Paquin

Programmer of graphical interfaces

Emmanuel created the visual as well as the AI-LARP software’s interface. He is also responsible for maintaining the code and is committed to developing an ever more intuitive user experience.

Miguel Barrette


Miguel is the computer specialist behind the creation of the AI-LARP software. He worked on the LED Saber behavior, on its improving the sound and patiently executed countless tests to obtain a perfectly reactive product.

William Charest-Bernard

Assembler, Tester

Also one of the team’s pioneers, William excels in his thoroughness, logic, and determination to detect any flaws. His work ensures the functionality and improvement of the CaliMotion device, as well as the practical application of the theory behind the technology.

Tommy Perreault

3D Designer, (finishing)

The artist behind the visual of CaliMotion products, Tommy manages to visualize our projects and render a 3D prototype with unrivalled accuracy.


3D Designer (adaptation and functionality)

Luc designs the injected parts and ensures the practical application and the adaptation of all the parts connected to the CaliMotion device. Aside from the appearance of the product, all of the device’s physical logistics went through him.

Guillaume Chaput

Marketing director

Thanks to his energy and his vision, Guillaume was quickly added to the team and was involved in the design and production of CaliMotion marketing materials. His talent for quickly grasping the essence of projects allowed CaliMotion to come together seamlessly.

Christyne Blais

Community manager

Communication officer and social media manager, she takes part in the development of the communication plans and applies them. Christyne joins her personality to the CaliMotion image and energizes the interactions between the company and its fans.

Patricia Favreau

Writing, translation and customer service

Patricia is passionate about writing in both English and French. She contributes to writing and translating the website. Furthermore, fair and structured, she offers customer service of unsurpassed quality.

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